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Pekcan Group, The Leading Companies Group of Beautiful Living

Welcome to Pekcan Group, where on your journey of discovering the ways to enjoy life, creativity and art blend harmoniously with the essence of engineering. For many years, the esteemed companies of Pekcan Group have been safe havens for those seeking luxury and peace. Specializing in the construction of serene water sanctuary pools, rejuvenating saunas, and iconic designs underpinning healing SPA & Wellness retreat spaces, we are Turkey’s leading brand in design, engineering, supply, and implementation.
At Pekcan Group, our virtuoso artisans bring your dreams to life within a symphony of architectural mastery, precise engineering, and innovative design, pushing the boundaries of your desires one step further. In every project, our passion for perfection and unwavering commitment to excellence redefine the concepts of leisure and relaxation, creating truly transformative experiences.
And with each completed project, we offer you living spaces that will become timeless earthly paradises.

Our Activities

Engineering And Consultancy Activities

At Pekcan Group, we aim to lead your projects to success with sophisticated and integrated engineering and consultancy services. Guided by our experienced and expert engineers, our strong team develops unique and innovative solutions for each project, taking into consideration environmental and energy efficiency standards. As a result, Pekcan Group, which has proven its leadership in the industry, successfully manages flawless design and construction processes in all its projects.

Our Activities

Design And Implementation Activities

Pekcan Group aims to transform your projects into unique and impressive spaces by offering superior excellence in design and application activities. With our unique designs that combine aesthetics and functionality, we create works of art in your pool, spa, sauna and landscaping projects. Thanks to our experienced and creative team, we provide customized and contemporary solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Our Activities

Service Maintenance and Installation

Pekcan Group offers its customers solutions that increase the life, efficiency and energy saving of their facilities and equipment through service, maintenance and installation activities. It aims to provide a perfect experience without compromising quality and security with periodic maintenance and repair services. We closely follow the latest technologies and standards. We are trying to make your living and enjoyable spaces safer and more comfortable than the previous day.

Our Activities

Wholesale and Retail Sales

Pekcan Group offers you products and equipment with proven quality and reliability in the pool, sauna, spa & wellness and garden sectors through its wholesale and retail sales activities. We bring together carefully selected brands and products to meet all the needs of your project with a wide product range. Pekcan Group helps you realize your dreams at the most affordable cost and with the highest quality, thanks to its experience and knowledge in the sector.

Our Activities


As Pekcan Group, we stand by our customers in the digital world by offering high quality products and equipment easily and quickly for the pool, ornamental pool, pond, spa, sauna and garden sectors through e-commerce activities. Providing a user-friendly and reliable shopping experience, is an e-commerce platform that gathers the best brands and products under one roof and makes it easier for you to find the most suitable solutions for your projects.

Our Activities

Export and Import

Pekcan Group, with its export and import activities, has achieved a strong position in the international market in the pool, spa, sauna and garden equipment sectors over many years. Today, we successfully supply and distribute high quality products and equipment in cooperation with both our domestic and global business partners. We make significant contributions to the realization of world-class projects and further reinforce our leadership in the sector.

We Add Beauty and Health to Lives

As Pekcan Group engineering companies, we have designed and constructed thousands of pools, saunas, spas, steam rooms, Turkish baths and wastewater treatment plant projects according to high aesthetics, safety, functionality and energy efficiency criteria in our nearly 30-year history. We have made sure that each of our projects that make dreams come true are sustainable projects that help protect the natural resources of the planet. Our search to provide the best equipment and materials at the most affordable prices for all our projects continued uninterrupted. Thanks to this search, we have created extensive supply networks with both domestic and international connections. As our knowledge, experience and connections increased, we started to offer more efficient and corporate solutions. Institutionalization became the basis for the formation of the brands Poolline, Poolside, Natural Pool and Green Energy, which are Turkey's leading brands in their fields. Today, Pekcan Group companies and brands offer cost-effective solutions to their customers not only with engineering projects but also with pool operation, pool maintenance, equipment sales, support and consultancy services.​

Completed Projects

Health, Well-being, Quality-Full Memories

We have experienced many changes and developments in our commercial life, which we started in 1994 with our first business, Pekcan Engineering. Today, Pekcan Group has become a very large family with dozens of employees and thousands of customers, each of whom has Turkey's leading companies and reputable brands in the sector. We have added health and beauty to lives with our "great power that turns dreams into reality", which has been constantly increasing since the day we were founded. In this great change; Our love for our job and our aim, which focuses on giving people health and happiness, have become our never-changing values. We worked every day, as if it were our first day, with a service approach that will be remembered with praise, to improve people's quality of life and to contribute to them living a healthier, happier and more energetic life.

And Pekcan Group for a Beautiful Future...​

Now, we are working more devotedly to our work in order to maintain the title of "expert, reliable, innovative leader" in every project, which we have acquired by working on thousands of projects over many years. From large tourism enterprises, private villa pool owners, pool, sauna, Turkish Bath operators to SPA & All of our customers who choose Pekcan Group companies, from wellness managers to wellness managers, now work with a much more experienced, creative expert staff. Today, Pekcan Group is Turkey's most reliable leading group of companies in the health and well-being sector, able to meet all engineering, consultancy, application, service and maintenance services of its customers as well as equipment-material supply requests for these services with reliable world brands at the most affordable costs. Today, just like yesterday, we follow the innovations of technology closely. We quickly reflect developments and innovations to our customers. We always serve with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Pekcan Group is a reliable business partner for its current and future customers for these and many other reasons. We would like to sincerely thank all our customers who trusted us, delivered their dreams, supported and developed us in every project and every shift and made us Pekcan Group.


When it comes to pool in Turkey since 1994;