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Cold Areas Design Installation And Maintenance Cold Areas Design Installation And Maintenance

Cold Areas Design Installation And Maintenance

Today, Spas, Spa & Wellness centers have become very popular like in the ancient times. In these places, having cold areas has been a routine after the usage of hot places. Cold rooms are used after a hot therapy for restoring the body. Some of the cold areas are Snow Room, Snow Fountain and Ice Caves.

Günlük hayatta yoğun iş temposu ve koşuşturmacalarla birlikte insanlar kendini rahatlatmak ve serinlemek amacıyla birçok alternatiflere yönelir. Bunlardan ilki saunalardır. Sonrasında ise çoğu kişi tarafından tercih edilen soğuk mekânlardır.

In Daily life, people seek many alternatives for relaxing and cooling purposes. One of these alternatives is saunas. And after saunas, people prefer cold areas. You can prefer Pekcan for having a cold area in your facilities, health centers or hotels

Demand for the Spa & wellness centers has been increasing everyday due to the intense stress of city life.

As Pekcan Group, one of our service areas is the installation of cold areas. Pekcan has differentiated over the years in the sector by its creative designs. As Pekcan, we offer you the the best service, top quality staff in all the Aegean region, mainly İzmir.

For cold area designs, we get your opinion and make your dreams come true.

If we give brief information about Snow Room, Snow Fountain and Ice Cave;

Snow Room

These rooms are specially designed for regulating the blood circulation after the use of a sauna or steam room. They may sometimes be used as shock pools or shock showers. For this reason, these rooms are very soft and natural. The time spent in snow rooms is very short approx. Between 3-4 minutes. The temperature within these rooms is 2-10˚C. For a good design of these rooms, the thermal insulation and the location of the jets are very important. Pekcan engineers make attractive and functionally designed snow rooms.

Snow Fountain

After a sauna or steam room therapy, cooling down the body with snow is one of the mostly preferred methods. Users are advised to apply crushed ice to legs and arms and the rest of the body by taking it from the snow fountain or from the bowl. By this process, the skin is revitalised, blood circulation is accelerated and immune system is strengthened. Snow fountains take little place compared to the other cold areas but very much preferred by the users.

Ice caves

One of the methods needed after a sauna therapy in Spa centers is ice caves. Ice caves are formed with articifial snow systems. The aim of ice caves is not only to cool down the body but to alert the circulation and oxygen uptake.

You can contact Pekcan for ice caves installation projects. We, as Pekcan Group, are a phone distance to you.


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