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Design And Implementation Activities Design And Implementation Activities


All pleasure areas, mainly pools, are investments that add value to your houses and companies. In this investment, like all investments, you want to be sure that everything will be held professionally. With its many years’ experience, Pekcan converts pleasure areas from dreams to drawing and from drawing to reality. The company has made thousands of pool, sauna, spa and Turkish hammam projects over more than 30 years.

Pekcan Mühendislik has been established in 1994 for the purpose of giving services to touristic facilities and private villas in İzmir. Pekcan, with the participation of Pekcan Havuz in 1998, utilizes the power of these two firms in its design and implementation facilities.

Operating in cooperation with each other, these two firms have increased the service quality and their many years of experience has turned Pekcan name into a leader in the sector. The places that these two companies make projects and implementation are as follows:

Swimming Pools:

Outdoor pools, indoor pools, pools with jacuzzi, olympic pools, semi-olympic pools, fun pools, children pools, animation pools, ornament and paysage pools, wellness pools, poolside play pools, jacuzzis, Thalasso Therapy pools, Thermal pools, Floating pools, Condition pools and pool coating systems, pool disinfection systems, Activity accessories.

Spa & Wellness Sauna projects

Turkish hammams, Steam baths, snow rooms, snow fountains, Ice caves, Adventure showers, Heated Beds for Spa centers, Salt rooms, Vichy shower, Kneipp Pool Foot bath, Spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Therapy Pools

Natural Pool Implementation and Projects

Natural pool and ponds, biological pool natural pool, ornament and paysage pools, koi fish pool, waterfall and all other sorts of pool implementations.

Pekcan Group, giving Project consultancy services in areas of all types of pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, Turkish hammam and spa, has been a trademark with nearly 30 years of experience and more than 5000 customers.

Pekcan provides unique, healthy, reliable services to those who enjoy life. It is a people-oriented corporate trademark that grows with knowledge.

Pekcan is aware of the fact that a company’s success depends on the customer services. It controls each and every pool and spa project regardless of its size and complexity. This philosopy provides the accuracy of the pool or spa project and as a result provides realiability and happiness on customer side.


Yüzme Havuzu, Sauna, Spa , Wellness, Türk Hamamı Yapımı