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E-Trade Activities E-Trade Activities


Pekcan Group, with an approx. 30 years commercial life, has a significant know-how and experience in terms of outdoor projects and implementation. By this time, it has cooperated with many local and foreign companies, groups and individuals. The stocks of almost all its projects are within its own warehouses. With such a stock advantage, Pekcan Group has reached all the cities of Turkey in terms of product sales. e-trade website is the result of such a network.

Pekcan Group serves all the consumers interested in pool, spa, sauna and garden equipments through its e-trade website This website is the first website in Turkey established for the sales of pool equipment and material. After a very short time after establishment, the website has become wellknown among the internet users and has sent products all over Turkey. Many e-trade websites have followed afterwards. is a shopping site that has integration to all the four common marketplaces in Turkey. As of today, operates integrated to,, and

The sales of mainly Poolline products and imported goods are made in The main product range of is swimming pool, ornament pool, garden pool, pond materials and all types of sauna, steam room, spa&wellness, garden, vertical garden, paysage and watering equipments.

Havuzdayı has made the necessary studies to be within specific e-export platforms. It makes the sales of equipments within its product range to countries through e-export. has the below product categories under the mentioned titles:

Pool Products

Pool filters, pool pumps, pool disinfection systems, pool chemicals, ornament pool equipments, pool lighting systems, electrical control panels, pool cleaning equipments, pool cleaning robots, inside pool and edge equipments, pool games and activities, olympic pool equipments, pool heating and dehumidification equipments, pool showers, pool security systems, pool coating equipments, PVC fittings and valves, isolation materials and outlet products.

Ornament Pool Products

Ready-to-use pond and stream sets, ornamental pool and pond PVC Liner, ready-to-use ornamental pools, decorative fountains, ornamental pool and pond filters, ornamental pool and pond pumps, ornamental pool and pond air pumps, ornamental pool and pond UV devices, ornamental pool and pond deep cleaners, ornamental pool and pond anti-icing, ornamental pool and pond lighting systems, ornamental pool and pond fountains, ornamental pool and pond chemicals, fish and leaf ladles, ornamental pool and natural pool pots, decorative garden figures and ornamental pool sets.

Sauna and Spa Products

Sauna equipments, jacuzzi equipments, steam room equipment and materials, snow fountain equipments, spa equipments, showers and shock pool equipments, salt room equipments, hammam equipments, bioethanol fireplace, garden fireplace, candles and candleholders.

Garden Products

Garden watering equipments, animal repellents, vertical garden sets, garden fireplaces and natural stone material and products

Pekcan Group has realised the power and trade potential of internet many years before its competitors. Today, is a crucial part of the future vision of Pekcan Group.


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