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Building Swimming Pools Building Swimming Pools


Pekcan Group companies make the design and installation of individualised engineering field as well.

Pekcan Group makes project, design and installation services in indoor and outdoor swimming pools, olympic and semi-olympic pools, pools with jacuzzis, jacuzzi and massage systems, thermal and thalasso therapy pools, ornamental and natural pools, fun pools, children and animation pools. In addition to these services, it also makes the supply, setup and maintenance services of pool equipments, pool coating systems, pool accessories and pool disinfection systems. Pekcan Group benefits from the latest technology in giving these services and acts in accordance with Turkish Standard, English SPATA, German DIN and American NSPI norms.

As Pekcan Group, we make all the pool projects in accordance with its environment and your preferences. Also we use mechanical and disinfection systems in order to increase the quality of our applications. Our most important goal is to deliver the pools in the healtiest and most secure way.

How does a swimming pool construction start?

If you have decided to have a pool, many questions will be on the list to be answered.

How can I choose a reputable and reliable pool contractor? This will be most important question in determining the goal of your project. Pekcan Group will prepare a checklist for you in this stage of your survey. While preparing this checklist, we will benefit from the experience of our previous customers. You can find the criteria you are looking for in selecting your pool company by benefiting from this list.


Pool builder research control list

  • Information and Experience of company in the sector

Does the company have a trade register? What are its licences? Does it have certificates? Is the name mentioned in the licence the same with the company name? If not, you have to learn the reason why. Also you have to learn the years of operation of the company. You can eliminate many companies by asking these questions.

  • Customer References

You have to ask the following questions at this stage

How many pools you have built since the time you have started operations, how many of these pools you can give references? Last year, how many pools you have built?

If a company gives you references of less than half of its customers, you must see it as a danger. Your happiness is directly related with the amount of references. And it will be for your benefit to call at least 5 of these references.

While calling the references, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you work again with this pool contractor or company?

  • Are you pleased with the service you have got?

  • What is the best part of this company?

  • What were the pool accessories and options you have chosen?

  • If you were to have a pool again, what would you like to do differently?

  • How did the contractor or the company deal with the problems?


  • Reviews and Valuations

You can make ranking about the contractors you have searched. You can take notes in order not to forget these references. You can have an idea about the general impressions of the people you call from their answers.


  • What are the products used by the pool builder?

It is essential for the pool materials to be of high quality and reliable. You can ask these questions: Are the products used of high quality? Do the stocks and guarantee periods support the products?

5)  Workmanship Guarantee

Problems like plumbing leak, pool movement and structural problems on the veranda are affected by the workmanship guarantee. Legally, there is always a one-year-guarantee. It will be useful for you to ask these questions: How long is your warranty period? Which titles does the guarantee cover? If repair is essential, how does the process work?

6)  Setup implementations

Does your pool company have a construction or setup experience?

7)  Design and Projects

The best pool company will present you the following plan before it starts the project: pool location, veranda dimensions, the place of filter and pump system, pool height compared to your area, fence layout and retaining walls, construction arrival path and yard and deck walls

     8)   Pricing and contract

All work to be done in the swimming pool project is included in the contract. Besides, it is presented to you by a legal price offer. Also, the date of completion is mentioned in the contract as well.

9)  Irrelevant details

You can deal with many details while having your pool done. Except for the titles mentioned above, there are also less important details. Therefore, you have to think solution-based. A clever marketing and website applications may attract you but they are not the proof of expertise.


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