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Engineering And Consultancy Activities Engineering And Consultancy Activities


Pekcan Group’s roots go back to the year 1994. The commercial activity of the company has started to design pool projects for private villas and touristic facilities in the Aegean Region in Turkey and Pekcan Engineering has been established. And afterwards Pekcan Pool has been established. As a matter of fact, Pekcan is the name of the engineering firm. The main focus is all types of projects, design and engineeering.

Building a pool is much more complicated process than opening a dig in the basement and to plaster it. The technological improvements from equipment to monitoring software add much more knowledge, experience and improvement. Pekcan Group makes a significant effort to be the leader in the technological curve.

In the pool construction, the project-engineering studies of concrete underground pools have been implemented. Besides this, the renewal projects for the renewal of the existing pools are thought and implemented as well. While designing the pool projects, our expert staff is capable of giving services of landscaping and all other paysage services as a package to our customers. Imagine your backyard has turned into a shining pool and an oasis that is full of soft lights and green flora. With Pekcan Engineering staff, everything is possible.

All dreams about pleasure places besides pool projects are also within the service scope of Pekcan Engineering and Consultancy. All projects including sauna, spa & wellness and steam room are designed with accurate calculations.

Pekcan Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.

Pekcan Engineering has been established in 1994 in the Aegean Region for the purpose of building special villas and touristic facilities. This is the company that gives all the service and maintenance support to all the commitment projects of Pekcan Havuz. Besides engineering and consultancy support to the customers’ projects, all kinds of pool material and chemicals are also sold from this company.

While performing these tasks, Pekcan Engineering shows its difference in the sector. Over the years, it has established a significant customer satisfaction and trust.

Pekcan Havuz Arıtma Ekipmanları Ltd. Şti.

Operating under the name of Pekcan Mühendislik ve Danışmanlık, Pekcan Havuz has been established in 1998. After the rapid growth of Pekcan Mühendislik, the partners have decided to establish Pekcan Havuz Arıtma Ekipmanları in 1998. After the establishment of this firm, all pool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish hammam and SPA center projects have been provided from Pekcan Havuz. Pekcan Havuz, with more than 5000 projects it has completed over more than 30 years, has made Pekcan name one of the leading engineering and consultancy firms in Turkey.


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