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Fun Pool Building Fun Pool Building


Fun and animation pools present water and fun in an integrated way to the pool users.

Graving dock, wet area, jacuzzis, waterfalls, air pillows, stream channels, counter swimming systems, wave pools, wild river and lazy river are some of the elements and systems used in these fun pools.

As Pekcan Group, we make the projecting of these animation and fun pools with our project and engineering technical staff. Imagination is the most important part of the project in these pools. You will realise that fun pools need too much creativity. Even though it seems that the fun pools are a part of the water area, sometimes they can be the entire pool system by themselves.

Types of fun pools and the features that make a pool fun pool

As Pekcan, we create the engineering projects of all the sub categories of fun pools, design them and make their implementation. You have to take into account some important issues in a fun pool mainly the characteristics of water to be used in these pools. Some of these issues are as follows:


Jacuzzis are relaxing baths that are located in circular pools. Jacuzzis are the systems that form the essence of spas. But there are differences between spa jacuzzi baths and spa jacuzzi pools. Spa jacuzzi bath is private only for the individual and his wife.  But spa jacuzzi pools can be used by other people as well. In these systems, water is hot and there are bubbles. There is also a relaxing and revitalising massage made by the water jets. Jacuzzis are evaluated under the fun pools and a seperate project is needed for their design.


Pool waterfalls are water features that are located over the pool water line and supported by lights. In this system, water is pushed by electrical pumps. Water falls according to the speed that is preset. Waterfalls require a seperate maintenance, repair, installation and design system. When pool waterfalls are examined, it can be seen that they are in many different designs, shapes and dimensions. Both natural and artifical materials are used in the production of these waterfalls. Waterfall designs may be placed within the fun pools, also waterfalls alone can convert a pool to fun pool.

Lazy River Pools

Pekcan gives services about the construction, installation and engineering of lazy river pools that are under the category of water parks. In a water park, the best way for passing from one place to another is the lazy rivers. With the feeling of comfort, this pool provides movement to its users in water.

For the water park users, the depth of lazy river must be within the security level. This depth is between 0,8 and 1,2 meters. In order to decrease the existing flow, slow river systems are used. Thanks to lazy river both an amusing and a comfortable environment is provided to the users in water parks. If also you want to have more users of your water park, you can prefer lazy river system. As Pekcan, we give lazy river system services by detailed engineering studies.

Wild River Systems

Wild river systems are similar to lazy river applications. In this system the water flow rate is much more than the lazy river system. Of course, we comply with the security level of water. In these wild river systems that are a subcategory of fun pools the designs may be extended by adding many animation and water game features to the system.

Endless Pool Areas

These types of pools can be presented as different fun pools. Endless pool areas are designed for steady swimming purposes. In these pools, returning back is not allowed therefore you can swim endlessly. Also they can be used for water aerobic and water fun activities as well. These endless pools can be located both indoor and outdoor. The heating of these pools can be made throughout the year. Taking care of the water of these pools is much easier than the other types of pools.

Wave Pool Design and Configuration

Pekcan has been implementing the types of pools that has become a trend in the world in a more creative and economical way than its competitors for more than 25 years. This feature of ours provide us to present many alternatives to our customers. In this field, the design of wave pools are a concept pool model for those looking for differences in their pools. Pools are swimming areas known with still water. The main difference between swimming in a pool and sea is the waves. It may sometimes be terrifying to swim among the uncontrolled waves also the sea may not be hygenic as well. Wave pools are the pools that carry the wave feature of the sea to the pools. The waves produced can be designed as much as the waves in a sea. It will be both much more secure from the sea and also have much more fun than a classical swimming pool. If the area to build the pool has the appropriate dimensions, it makes the water park more attractive. We are one of the best wave pool implementers with our unique configurations.

Counter flow pool systems

In these types of pools, the counter flow system pumps an equivalent water flow to the pool. By the help of this strong flow, you can have the chance to swim by remaining stable over the water surface. Pools with counter flow systems are preferred by customers who have a small area for building a pool. They may be used in large pools as well. They will be a perfect workout place for swimming athletes.

There are many different sub categories of fun pools. Pekcan Group makes the design of all these pools with unique and creative ideas. The results will exceed your expectations.


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