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Green Energy System In Patented Pools Green Energy System In Patented Pools

Green Energy System In Patented Pools

Green Energy System in the pools is a project patented by Pekcan Group and aims of minimising the carbon footprint and resource consumption in pool construction projects for the first time in Turkey.

Environmental water and energy sources are intensely used in the operation of pools as well. Energy and water consumption during pool building process are not the first factors that come to mind. But if yo do not have a plan for water and energy usage, you will face problems related to resouce usage after the pool starts its operation.

Even if you use a water source other than the city water source, you may damage these water sources as well. If city water network is used, you will give harm to both the environment and your budget with a nonprodcutive pool in terms of sources and energy.

When you realise that you may harm the world by the systems you use in your pool, you will watch that your pool will turn out to a system that will steal from your children. In this case, you may choose not to have a pool as the world loses more and more water resource everyday and energy become more and more expensive.

This idea is the only one that guarantees using and saving all the resources for the future generations as well.

Pekcan Group has improved the patented “Green Energy System in the Pools” project for this reason.

The first purpose of Green energy System is to leave a better world to our children.

With this project, harms and damages generated by the traditional pool construction such as high cost and intense use of resources is minimized.

In this project, the side effects of chemical and inorganic disinfectants are removed. Therefore, a healthier pool is obtained for the pool users and companies.

Labor spent for the pool care decreases.

Green Energy System is a system using together all the equipments that save energy and water. You create a much more environment friendly and more economical pool at the same time.

All the pool equipments that form Green Energy System are provided from the most energy ssaving alternatives.

By the help of Pekcan Group Patented Green Energy System,

  • Consumption of energy and water is at the lowest level compared to traditional pools
  • The short term damage of pool chemicals to pool users and the long term damage to the environment is removed,
  • As labor for the pool care is reduced, labor cost for operating the pool is also reduced.
  • Pool water and energy costs also become budget friendly.

With our Green Energy System Project,

You can have a nature friendly swimming pool. Compared to the traditionally designed and operated pools the budget is halved.

The concerns about the damage of the pool to the environment and the operational cost is minimised.

As Green Energy System is a patented system in the pools, you will get all the details from Pekcan staff. If you reach us, we will enjoy introducing you our revolutionary innovation system.


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