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Hot Areas Design, Installation And Maintenance Hot Areas Design, Installation And Maintenance

Hot Areas Design, Installation And Maintenance

The most popular places for spa & wellness centers are hot areas. Whether it is summer or winter, these areas, mainly saunas are centers of attraction for customers. They make a facility more valuable. In these hot areas, there are many parts. Some of them are: Russian Saunas, Classical Finnish Saunas and Classical Finnish Hammam, Aroma Steam Sauna, Bio Sauna and Roman Sauna. These areas, shortly called as sauna baths, have many benefits for health. For this reason, interest for them is increasing day by day.


One of the most popular categories of hot areas are saunas. This method has spred widely from Finland to all over the world beginning from the ancient times. Sauna is one of bathing methods working with principles of very high temperature and low humidity rate. It can solve many health problems. For example, skin problems and inspiraion problems can be solved by the help of saunas. Of course, the effectiveness of saunas are related to the usage time and the physical condition of the user as well. The recommended time interval for saunas are between 10-15 minutes per session. Saunas are divided into some subcategories such as Classical Finnish saunas, Bio Saunas, Russian Saunas, Kelo Saunas. Pekcan is one of the rare firms in Turkey having experience in the fields of engineering, design, installation and maintenance services of all sauna types.

Turkish Hammam

Turkish hammams are perfect cleaning and relaxing locations. These relaxing places are hot areas that all the touristic facilities want to have in their locations. We can define Turkish hammams as places that are heated by a special mechanism and that also contain cold water as well as hot water within itself. When you analyse hammams historically, you will realize that they date back to Roman period. In Roman period, hammams are called as thermea. When we talk about Ottoman and Turkey, first hammam type that comes to mind is Turkish hammam.

Hammam word is defined as bath spreading heat. There are some bath sections such as: Camegah-(the place where you take off your clothes in hammam), Coldness-warmness area, Heat, Private section, Sofa and Basin and Külhan. Pekcan has delivered hundreds of hammam projects successfully. We are seeking differences in all our sauna projects remaining loyal to the authentic ambiance of Ottoman. On the other hand, we are improving the mechanical plumbing infrastructure of each project.

Steam Bath

Steam bath is also called as Classical Finnish Hammam. They are popular places that are preferred by spa & wellness centers and touristic facilities. The working principle of these places is a little bit different from saunas. In this system, there is low temperature and high humidity rate. Steam baths can be designed by mosaics, natural stones and ceramics as well. Under this caption, aromatherapy methods can also be added. In this method, the healing power of plants is used. The project of a steam bath needs more attention and after comes the selection of the right materials, a good insulation and the appropriate lighting used. And a high engineering level is required to combine them all.

Roman Bath

There are many types of Roman Bath such as Tepidarium, Caldarium and Laconium. Roman Baths are designed for those complaining about the very hot environment of Finnish saunas and the very humid environment of the classical steam baths.

Tepidarium, one of the Roman Bath types, is a warm environment and is defined as a bath between cold and hot. This bathing type is mostly used for resting and relaxing purposes. Laconiums, another Roman bath type, are sweating areas with very high temperatures. Within these places, there are sitting benches made from mosaics or ceramics and cold water fountain and bucket. You begin to sweat within 15 minutes in these baths.

In Caldariums, the last type of Roman Bath, light, aromatic odors and musical effects are used. The average temperature in these baths are 42-45 C.

Straw Therapy Rooms

The aim of straw therapy rooms is to make users sweat and opening of their bronchi. The average environment temperature in these rooms is between 36-38˚C. Generally, people prefer saunas and steam rooms for sweating purposes but straw therapy rooms are places whose room temperature is very much higher than the other places. These rooms are used for healing lung diseases and for easy breathing.

If you want to have straw therapy rooms in your places, you can contact Pekcan Group and get engineering, design, installation and maintenance services.


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