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Natural Pool Design Natural Pool Design

Natural Pool Design

We have achieved many projects for the purpose of creating pleasure areas. One of these projects are natural pool and pond projects in recent years. Natural pools and ponds are the pool types where no chemicals and chlorination is used for maintaining hygene within the pool. Rather natural and biological components are used for disinfection and filtration purposes. In natural pools and natural ponds, mostly the filter property of the plants is used. By this way, the harmful components and dust occurred organically are moved away from the pool. By this way, a clean, purified and natural pool is obtained.

Biological Pool

People are escaping to stress-free, natural and peaceful places as a result of the fast pace of the cities. At this point, biological pools make the relaxation with the feeling it provides to the users both mentally and physically. Around these biological pools, peaceful paysage gardens are made to increase the level of relaxation. People begin to prefer these biological pools more and more everyday due to the non-use of chemicals in these pools

In the natural pools water is much softer because in these pools chemicals are not used. Within these pools, there are many plants and natural Stones.

Natural pools are composed of two parts: The first part is the one with the plants and the second part is the swimming area. These two parts may be made together or seperately.

The use of chemicals is not essential for cleaning these biological pools as the water purification is made by the plants within the pool. The aim of designing a natural pool is buşilding an economically profitable pool without upsetting the balance of nature. It is undefinable to swim in a natural pool. As they have the above decribed properties, the natural pools are especially preferred in the European countries where environmental awareness is high.

Why are biological pools preferred?

You will have the chance of swimming in natural water with no chlorine inside by the help of biological pools. Although there is no chlorine within water, it is so pure and clean. There will be no flocculation and collapse of chemicals within water. The clarity of the pool can be felt better in these pools. Also biological pools will be in harmony with the nature for four seasons. Even if you do not use them in winter, they will act as an ornamental or paysage pool in your garden. Another advantage of biological pools is its ease of operation. The operational cost of these pools are lower than concrete pools anda reproduced by completely natural materials. Contrary to the other pools, as the water is softer in these pools, you do not have the need of a shower after swimming. The installation of biological pools takes 15-20 days, shorter compared to other pools. Also they can be made in any design or dimension you want. If you have a lung disease or a skin problem, you can prefer these pools as no chmeicals are used within them.

Natural Ornamental Ponds

The purpose of natural ornamental ponds is to emphasize on visuality and esthetic. There are plants and fish inside these ponds. You can place rocks, statues and gracels within these pools, forming a completely natural environment. You can give oxygen to water by placing sprinkles in these ponds. These ponds have been popular especially among the facilities such as sites and villas due to various types such as koi pools and plant pools.

Why must you prefer natural ponds?

By these natural ponds, you can obtain a natural excellent view in your garden throughout the year. The operation of these pools is easier and the cost lower. You can say hello to a peaceful life by these natural ponds. Natural materials are used in the costruction of them and the installation is made very quickly. The preferences of the user will be taken into consideration in terms of size and shape. They can be designed from very little shapes to pond dimensions.

Decorative Figures

If you own a house with a garden and want to have different designs in this environment, you can have these decorative figures. Also you can prefer ornamental pools to relax with the voice of water in your garden and to have an esthetical view in your garden.

Some integrative elements are needed in your ornamental pool and garden. For this purpose, decorative figures are used. These decorative figures must be in harmony with your pool or garden. Pekcan offers you many decorative figure alternatives. By using these decorative figures, you can have more attractive and charming views in your garden. Some of these decorative figures are ducks, floating lilies and flamingos. They are produced from water and sun resistant material. By using these figures, you can increase the attractiveness of your pools and gardens. There are many colour options of our floating lilies. Also we have many different animal figures. You can reach our catalogue about decorative figures from our online website and buy them at affordable prices.

Ready-to-use Ornamental Pools

We can define ornamental pools as follows: beauty that adds esthetic to your garden by the use of plants, fish and lights. These types of pools are the indispensables of especially the eastern countries of the World since the ancient times. They have also become popular in our country recently. These pools can be designed in any shape and may be used not only in gardens but also in parks, hotel lobbies, restaurants and the courtyards of shopping malls. When you look at the cold climate areas, you can even see them in their basements.

Japanese is known as the homeland of ornamental pools. Ornamental pools and their designs have been very popular for many years in this country. Except for Japanese, in all the Near East and Asian countries, smaller in dimension but very creative, easy-to-install, affordable ornamental pool sets are preferred.

The installation of the ready-to-use ornamental pools is very easy and practical. There are also pool pumps and many other components within the sets.

Ornamental Pool Pump and Filters

The aim of use of ornamental pool pumps and filters is to provide the circulation of water within the pool. The function of pool filter here is to make waterfall or fountain stronger. The appropriate pump type and dimension must be selected for this purpose. If you have the idea of selecting a pool pump for your ornamental pool or pond, you can get the necessary information from For detailed information and for a detailed guide and for various alternatives of ornamental pool filters and pumps, fountains and waterfall pumps, you can also visit our website.

Pump and Filter Types

Whether it is a swimming pool or an ornamental pool, the heart of each pool is pool pump. Pekcan makes the sales of all kinds of large pool, lake, pond, ornamental pool and commercial pond pumps. Also it gives consultancy services about the selection of pool pump for every kind of project. If you are not sure that your pool is operated correctly and you have doubts about the sufficiency of your pool pump and pool filter, our expert staff will give you satisfactory answers to all your questions.

How must pump and filter be selected?

The main point you should pay attention to when selecting a pump and filter for your ornamental pool is: whether you will choose this pump for a still water or for a moving water. Generally, the rapid contamination of the pool is due to the misfunctioning of the pool pump and filter systems.

The early contamination of the pool or the excess requirement of chemicals may be because of the insufficiency or the decline in efficiency of the existing pool pump and filter systems. Pool pump and filter systems must be selected regarding the future addition of waterfalls and sprinkles to the pool.

You can get consultancy from Pekcan for all of your questions related to a new project or an existing one.

EPDM Membran in the pools

As Pekcan, our preference is the EPDM membran water insulation covers in the natural ornamental pools and biological pools. This product is composed of synthetic rubber membran. These materials are environment friendly and form a convenient environment for the plants and fish within the pool.


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