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Olimpik Havuzları Yapımı​ Olimpik Havuzları Yapımı​


Pekcan Group, like all other high standard pool types, has specialised in olympic and semi-olympic pools as well. Olympic pools are the ones whose dimensions are determined by international standards and are used for training and racing purposes. Length of these pools are 50 meters, width 25 meters. Semi-olympic pools’ height is 25 meters while width is 12,5 meters.

Olympic pools are not only used for races and workout purposes but for training purposes as well. Depending on the demand of the pool users, they can be designed both indoor and outdoor. In the indoor pools, the pool water can be heated. By the dehumidifiers, the humidity in the environment is removed.

What are the conditions for an olympic pool?

First of all, the dimensions of an olympic pool are: length 50 meters width 25 meters. There are touch button panels in these pools for an accurate time calculation. For the depth of these pools, we behave flexible. They have a 2 meter (6feet 6.74 inch) depth. Also depth up to 3 meters is recommended. An olympic pool with a 2 meter depth has to keep 2.500.000 lt water.

What are the criteria in building an olympic swimming pool?

Olympic swimming pools must have a 50 meter (164 feet length) length and 25 meters (82 feet) width. Also they must have a 2 meter or 6 feet depth. They must have a 660.000 galoons water that is equivalent to 2.500.000 liters.

What are other features of olympic pools?

If a competition is held in an olympic pool, each swimmer is appointed to a single lane. In these pools, thare are 8 strips, 2 of which are outside strips. The width of each strip is 2,5 meters. These strips are labeled by a float and a rope. These lanes are indicators for the swimmers and they finish 2 meters before considering the pool finish Wall.

Semi-olympic swimming pools

Pekcan Havuz is number 1 in building resistant, high quality and practical pools. Besides, it implements modern architectural design to these pools. Pekcan Group can build the outdoor and indoor olympic pools in half the size of the original pool depending on your area and capacity. We call these half size swimming pools “semi-olympic swimming pool”. These pools are composed of 5 lanes of 2.5 meters size each. The width of these pools are 12.5 meters while their length is 25 meters.

What are the extra materials and equipments that should exist in an olympic pool?

The water temperature of the olympic pools are between 25-26˚C. Also different accessories are used in these types of pools. Most of these accessories are preferred for international races. In olympic pools, indicators, lines, ropes and other measures are used. For ex., a wrong start rope is used to show the swimmers that they have made wrong start. This rope is placed 5 meters far from the start line. It stays hanged 1,2 meters above the surface.

Other accessories that are used in olympic pools are: handling beds, signal flags, jumping platforms and separator trolleys.

Why should you choose Pekcan Havuz in building an olympic pool?

As Pekcan Havuz we know that olympic pool building is the one that has the least margin of error compared to other pools. So the calculations made in building these pools do not tolerate any mistake. If, as a manager, you think of having an olympic pools, you should consider Pekcan Havuz. Pekcan Group completes the olympic pool project in the shortest time. You can contact us for all your questions about building a semi-olympic or an olympic pool.


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