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Ornamental Pool And Paysage Pool Building Ornamental Pool And Paysage Pool Building


The building of ornamental pools and paysage pools is the area that needs the most experiance. Because in the projects of these pools, esthetical details should be highlighted without causing any structural problems. Engineering, esthetic and architectural concepts should be harmonised without a significant mistake.

Many objects may be used for ornamental pools. Some of them are water games, statues, natural stones, waterfalls and sprinkles. Some of the ornamental pools are sold as sets. These type of set pools are produced for all types of areas.

When we have a look at the building of ornamental pools, we see that these pools are made for adding comfort to your environment. Floating lilies and many fish types are added to the design process to decorate these pools.

Ornamental pool and paysage pool concepts are sometimes used interchangibly. Pekcan Group, like in all other pool types, has been the most creative and reliable address in building ornamental pools as well. Under Pekcan Group name, Pekcan Engineering gives these services.

How are ornamental and paysage pools built?

Pekcan makes the design and project of the ornamental pools and paysage pools according to the customers’ wishes, imagination and budget. We design the ornamental and paysage pools by following the latest technology. Pekcan Group takes into account the below issues in pool building:

Consistency: The most important issue in ornamental pool and paysage pool design is consistency. Decorative figures and plants are reused for creating integrity.

Balance; Equality is also important in pool building. 2 balances are considered when building a pool: These are symetric and asymetric balances.

Harmony and Contrast: Contrast is important in pool design in order to emphasize on some elements. Integrity is reached by harmony. If contrast objects are used in the pool, the pool becomes more attractive.

Colour: The most crucial point of the ornamental and paysage pools is colour. Colour brings life to your pools. Warm colours show some objects closer while cold colours show them much further than the original location. In ornamental and paysage pools green and blue are used to form a specific perspective.

Transition: In ornamental and paysage pools, colour intensity and plant size and dimensions are used for transition.

Line: The most important factor in the pool design is the line. For lines, it can be said that they are used everywhere. In walking paths, entrances we have lines. Also lines are used to add depth and distance.

Ratio: We explain ratio as the dimension of an object compared to the other. Ratio is calculated within a plan. All the elements in the project design must be in appropriate ratios.

Repetition: Repeating some of the factors in the garden will be nice for your garden. But repeating these factors too much will cause monotony.

How is plant selection made in ornamental pool and paysage pool design?

Plants are the most important elements of a ornamental and paysage pool design. But especially in these types of pools, plant selection must be made much more carefully. You have to make a good research before selecting the plants for your pool. The plants may fall over time. Also the selected plants must be in harmony with the environment. You have to consider the following issues while selecting your plants: the ease of care, security, landscaping, climate, the condition of the area where the design will be made, ratio, balance, colour and diversity.

Therefore, Pekcan Havuz designs the ornamental and paysage pools by taking into account most essential elements.

Ready-to-use ornamental pool sets

As Pekcan Havuz, we are the most qualified, mostly preferred and most reliable firm in the sector in ornamental pool projects as well. We also present you many ornamental pool sets and materials under our trademark Poolline. You can try our Poolline ready-to-use ornamental sets. Also you can find many different equipments and materials in our website havuzdayı We make the sales of all types of ornamental pool equipments, ready models and all other pool equipment and materials under


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