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Pekcan, with its vision, its ability to follow and adopt to the changes in the world, its wish to improve itself, it offers services to its customers parallel with the sector’s  demands.

PEKCAN GROUP is composed of Pekcan Muhendislik and Pekcan Havuz. Pekcan Muhendislik was founded in 1994 in İzmir. The firm’s main goal is to build pools and SPA centers for touristic facilities and houses in the Aegean Region.

In 1998, Pekcan Havuz Arıtma Ltd.Şti was founded. By this way, these firms have become more important actors in the sector. They have been in coordination with each other, have increased their service quality and have raeched more people by this way.

The firms have given services in the areas of swimming pool, therapy pool, olympic pool,sauna, steam room, Turkish hammamm, SPA, water treatment, project consultancy, service and maintenance. It has brought to life many projects all over Turkey within the last 25 years.

The main aim of our companies has been to add value, beauty and health to people’s lives and to be included in the memories of our customers with joy and happiness. As these two firms are engineering based firms, they use technology for individuals’ comfort and joy.

In 2010, PEKCAN firms have initiated an institutionalization process. In the same year,  they have started to get in touch with abroad. Building commercial relations with the companies throughout the years, the group companies have started import in 2011. They have begun to import special products from abroad both to use in their projects and to sell in the domestic market.

Pekcan Havuz is a  project commitment company. It makes the projects and cosntruction of mainly pools, sauna, steam rooms,Turkish hammamms and SPA centers.

Pekcan Muhendislik, on the other side, is a sevice, support and maintenance company. It has TSE Service Proficiency Certificate. It has Swimming Pool Electromechanic Service Department and Swimming Pool Periodic Maintenance Department. Pekcan aims to increase its service quality by making investments in terms of personnel and vehicle to these departments.

In 2014, Pekcan has opened twp Pekcan Pool Markets to reach the end users, one in İzmir Narlıdere the other in Çeşme Alaçatı. In this concept, there are also two pool water analysis units.

Seeing the developments in the e-trade sector, the company has opened its e-trade website named This website has become well known in a very short time among pool customers and has reached a significant customer portfolio. Besides, it has many stores in different common markets. By doing these, it has leaded many companies to enter e-trade sector.


Under POOLLINE brand, there are swimming pool filtration materials, disinfection units, pool activity groups, pool cleaning products, showers, steam rooms, jacuzzis, Turkish hammamms, SPA products, ponds, PVC liner products, pond  filtration units, pond pumps, decorative products for gardens, animal repellers. The sales of these products that are imported, are sold both on a retail basis and on e-trade website. POOLLINE is the registered brand of Pekcan Group.

Under POOLSIDE name, there are coating materials for inside of the pools. They are glass mosaics, porcelain coating materials and pebble materials and POOLSIDE beach products.

For coating materials for outside of the pools, there are anti-slip glass mosaics, porcelain terrace mosaics, porcelain handles and pool grills.

Besides, there are also coating materials in areas of wooden decks, pool child security systems, pool covers and in sunbath areas. is a PEKCAN GROUP e-trade sales channel. It has started operation in 2013. It has been well known in a short time  among internet users and has started sales all over Turkey. It has contributed significantly to the company’s sales figures.

PEKCAN POOL MARKET: Under the name of PEKCAN GROUP,  there are two pool markets. These are in İzmir Narlıdere and in Çeşme Alaçatı. In these markets, the needs of end users are sold such as pool, pond, sauna, garden and SPA materials and cleaning chemicals.

NATURAL POOL: Under this brand, the construction of natural pools, biological pools, ponds is made. A swim without any pool chemicals is experienced.

GREEN ENERGY is a PEKCAN registered system. In this system, environment- friendly products are used in the swimming pools.

HIMABLUE BLUE BALANCE is again PEKCAN’s registered brand. In HIMABLUE BLUE BALANCE system, utilization of high quality water is targeted. It is an evironment-friendly product.



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