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Pool Coating And Pool Coating Materials Pool Coating And Pool Coating Materials


There are many benefits of swimming pools in terms of increasing the life quality and protecting human health. Swimming pools make you enjoy life and protect your mental and physical health. One of the important aspects of a swimming pool is the pool coating system and pool coating materials. By the help of choosing the right coating systems, your pool can reach an attractive view with high esthetical form.

When we have a look at the pool coating systems, you will see that there are many different applications. The first and the most preferred one is the mosaic coating. Other than this material, pebble coatings, porcelain coatings, PVC liners and beach pool coatings are also used inside the swimming pools.

Surface coatings, wall coatings, wall paintings and tiles flooring are also made with mosaic coating. This coating type is mostly preferred in paysage pools and ornamental pools. Mosaic coatings are of two types: glass and ceramic. They may have a matte polish or a glossy polish. They do not slide as they are installed in appropriate conditions and in a water resistant way. Mosaic coatings are ideal for increasing the esthetical aspect of the swimming pools.

As Pekcan Group, we offer you infinite alternatives in pool coatings. By the help of pool coatings, the design of your pools are accompanied by a rich visual effect. In pool coating systems, Pekcan Group offers you colour alternatives in an unlimited combination. Pekcan Group has created Poolside to show the importance it has attributed to pool coatings.

Poolside Pool Coating and Security Materials

Poolside, one of the registered trademarks of Pekcan Group, collects all the pool coating materials of ornamental and paysage pools under an umbrella. In our wide product range, there are also pool security systems and pool covers. These are all sold under the name of Poolside. You can also reach this brand online from

Glass mosaic coatings; these coating types are Poolside Private series Glass Mosaics, TT series Glass Mosaics, AP series Glass Mosaics, NP series Glass Mosaics, Antislip Series Glass Mosaics and Economical Series Glass Mosaics under the Poolside Glass Mosaic Coating Products catalogue.

Porcelain type inside pool coatings are composed of Poolside Porcelain Coatings, Serapool Porcelain Coating products and imported Spanish Rosa Gres products.

When Poolside and Serapool products are analysed, it can be seen that they are seperated into porcelain tiles and porcelain mosaics.

Spanish Rosa Gres products are Boheme, Garden Serena, Mistery, Lovely, Vintage, Naturel and Tao.

When you have a look at the Poolside Beach Pool Coatings, you can see that these are composed of imported glass, pebble group and quartz sand pool coatings.

In Poolside beach pool coatings, there are ocean, turquoise, lake, forest, soil, natural coral and night series.

PVC liner, these coating materials are used inside the pools. This product is preferred more in ready-to-use pools. In this product group, there is also EPDM Membran Pool Coating products. These materials are mostly designed for decorative pool systems. These products, like all the other products, can be used in all the projects and implementations.

When we have a look at the outside pool coating systems, there are Poolside’s Antislip Glass Mosaics, Serapool Porcelain Tiles and Poolside Porcelain Antislip Tiles. These coating types are used especially for sunbathing purposes. Wooden decks, terms, accoya and iroko trees are also used in the projects.

Under Pool Security Systems there are pool security barriers or fences, poolcovers and pool children security alarm. Under Poolside pool covers, there are net pool cover, solar pool cover and winter pool cover. You can prefer our Poolside brand and Pekcan Group for this wide range of product.


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