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As Pekcan Group firms, we give services in the areas of swimming pools, spa, sauna, Turkish hammam for the last 28 years. We are Turkey’s most experienced and leader firm with thousands of pool construction projects. Pekcan Havuz is a well-known pool company providing services to individual customers, touristic facilities, hotels, private companies, government institutions and municipalities. From the first step of drawing to the delivery step, Pekcan Group solves all the details within itself. Therefore, in every project, it gives turnkey service to its customers. Pekcan Havuz is not only a contractor firm. From project to design and from design to an entire application set, Pekcan Havuz is a pool construction engineering company.

Pekcan Group, with Pekcan Engineering, makes all types of projects, building and setup of outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, pools with jacuzzis, jacuzzi massage systems, thermal pools, children and animation pools, ornamental and natural pools, shock pools, fun pools, olympic and semi-olympic pools, thalasso therapy pools. Besides these, it also makes the supply, installation and maintenance of pool accessories, pool equipments, pool coating materials and pool disinfection systems as well. Pekcan Group operates in accordance with Turkish Standard, American NSPI, English SPATA and German DIN norms.

All the pools we build are designed and projected taking into account your dreams, your living environment and your preferences. In all our pool projects, our main aim is the use of our products without any problem over the years. Another service we give to our customers is the pool maintenance service. We have an accurate, wise, skilled technical team that can answer all your questions.

What are the five things that a person who wants to build a pool should know?

Do you want to build a swimming pool in your garden? If you have decided to build a pool and investigate about “how a swimming pool is built” you are in the right place to get answers to your questions. While building a pool, first:

  1. Decide on what kind of a pool you want.
  2. Choose the main focus among all the information you collect
  3. Determine the most important points about your pool builder.
  4. Review your budget
  5. Realize the differences between the pool and the companies (For ex. concrete pool, prefabricated pool, fiberglass and vinyl liner swimming pools)

Know yourself / realize the demands of pool users / and now what kind of a pool you want to build?

This issue may seem unnecessary to some people. It is not reaslistic to decide based on flu demands. If you can have a clear idea of what kind of a pool you want and express them to the company in the right way, you can have a healthy idea about the net budget of your project and make a much healthier decision.

Pekcan Group helps you choose the best pool regarding not only your existing needs but your future needs as well.

What is your main focus while building a pool? First of all, you have to have a clear knowledge about the project

Is the pool you want to build for fun purposes? Should it have a modern view? What will be the design type? Decide on the maintenance and water features of the pool before building the pool. If you are one of our potential customers who want a swimming pool, first of all decide on the main focus of the project. If you clarify your decision, then we can focus on building that smart pool even better than you can imagine.

Know the most important factor about the pool builder

How important is the quality of the pool builder for you? Are you emphasizing on only price and seeking a low budget project? These type of questions are the most important ones before you meet with your pool company. Especially the budget is the crucial factor in pool building. Because if customers focus on only low budget, they can face serious problems in the following years. To be honest, it is not realistic to expect high quality service from a very low budget workmanship. This issue will risk your budget in the long run as well. As everybody knows, in order for the firms to live in the long run and continue their operations, they have to generate profits from their workmanship. Keeping all these in mind, you should give priority to your criteria while choosing your pool company.



Specify your budget for your pool

The main issue about budget is: Spend some time for specifying your budget before analysing the pool construction price. If you fix your financial sources beforehand, you will save time while having a meeting with the pool company.

Know the differences between concrete pool, swimming pool, vinyl liner, fiberglass, ornamental pool and paysage pool.

There are many differences between the pool types. When you make research about the pool companies, you will see that these companies avoid giving information about pool types. For example, fiberglass pools or vinyl liner pools are not like concrete swimming pools. These types of pools are not the type that meet the needs of customers.

You can make the best decision for pool building after analysing all the +/- s of all pool types. You can make the best decision after making research about the pool types and their details.

If you want to have a more detailed information about swimming pool building, you can visit our website and read our blog posts. When talking about pool building, first swimming pool comes to our mind. You can also get information about paysage pools or ornamental pools from the ornamental and paysage pools section in website and our blog posts.

How can you choose the pool contractor and the pool company without facing any problems?

Most of Pekcan Group customers are the ones who want to build a pool for the first time. But sometimes, customers who are dissatisfied with their current pool companies or the ones who want to renew their pools also visit us.

The individuals who are not content with their existing pool contractors or pool company send us e-posts from all over Turket for consulting about the chronical problems they face.

Whether it is a swimming pool or an ornimental or concrete pool, the householders or the companies have a unique chance for building their pools. But some choices may have bad consequences despite all the survey made beforehand. As Pekcan Group, we have published many articles about choosing the right pool company but for our customers who want a pool built, we want to give a very important and simple advice.

Then, what is our advice?

The answer is simple: “References”. You may say a pool company has already references. But the references we talk about are not the ones they present you, they are what you have to ask them.  

How can you demand the references of the previous projects from your pool company?

Let’s think that you meet a company for a price offer about building a swimming or an ornamental pool. First of all, you can ask the following questions to the company: “how many projects have you made for the last 3 years?“ Can you how all your reference list not only as a number but also visually and by name? If a pool company is confident about his work, it will not hesitate about showing you its references visually and by name as well. The answers that you will receive to these questions, you can anticipate the average customer satisfaction.

If a pool company gives you references less than amount of pools it has built, it means you are in the wrong address. Even if it seems so simple, this advice will be very much useful for you in choosing the right pool company. And most probably, if you are looking for the best swimming pool company in Turkey, Pekcan Havuz will be in the top three of your list.