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Pool Disinfection Installation Pool Disinfection Installation


An effective disinfection system is a must for your swimming pools because your pool is exposed to polluting elements all the time. And not only for the convenience of the swimmers, but also for a sparkling and clean view of the pool, a disinfection is needed. For an effective disinfection system, most used pool disinfectant is chlorine. Another product is ozone. Besides all these, ph reducers, ph boosters, algaecides, acids, precipitators and shocking chemicals are used. The common feature of these chemicals is that they can either be used manually or automatically. If your pool is consistently getting dirty by the microbic dust, it shows that there is not an effective disinfection system in your pool.

Water preparation combination

These are the stages of a water preparation combination: Floculation, Filtration, Ozonation, Absorbtion Filtration and Chlorination. The expansion of these are as follows:

  • Floculation and filtration
  • Ozonation and oxidation
  • Absorbtion filtration with active coal
  • Disinfection and oxidation
  • pH value and acid capacity adjustment
  • Dilution (adding clean water)+new filling time and pool cleaning.

If we analyse the chemical groups used in pool water they are: surface cleaning chemicals and filter cleaning chemicals, anti-algae products, ph regulators, chlorine group disinfectants, winter maintenance products, flocculants and precipitators.

The right address for the use of all the chemicals and disinfection systems is Pekcan Group. You can rely on Pekcan for the installation of your disinfection system. You can call us any time to answer all your questions and to get information about our services.


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