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Poolside Poolside


POOLSIDE is a brandname that has a product range of pool coating materials and pool security Systems. Some of these are products that PEKCAN GROUP sells in its pool markets in İzmir Narlıdere, Çeşme Alaçatı

and through and some are the products that it uses in its own projects.

Under inside-pool coating category: glass mosaics, porcelain mosaics, pebbles and POOLSIDE beach sand coating exist. Under glass mosaics category, Poolside Glass Mosaics and an alternative economic category TOGAMA glass mosaics exist.

Under Porcelain inside-pool category:POOLSIDE, SERAPOOL and imported Spanish brand ROSA GRES exist.

Under sand coating category: imported glass and quartz sand coatings and pebble coating exist.

Another category that is preferable in pool cating is liner PVC coating. This products range is preferred in preformed pools  especially. This group also exits under POOLSIDE name.

Under external coating category: antislip glass mosaics, porcelain coating and porcelain handles exist.

Under wooden deck category: there are wooden surface coating on sunbathing platforms and on the sides of the pools.

Another product category of POOLSIDE is pool security Systems. Under this category, there are child protection barriers for children and child security alarm.

Also the pool covers that are used in the pools both as security, hygene and temperature sustainibility purposes  are POOLSIDE products as well.



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