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Project Design And Implementation Project Design And Implementation

Project Design And Implementation

Pekcan Group has delivered thousands of pool, ornamental pool, pasysage pool, sauna, spa&wellness projects beginning from the first drawing to the design and implementation processes and has become one of the most experienced companies of this sector in Turkey. Besides startup projects, Pekcan also gives repair and maintenance services for  the existing pools, ornemantal pools, saunas and spas.

Pekcan Group makes the design of your pool, steam bath, sauna or spa with a creative perspective and makes its implementation.

While designing these systems, we are taking into consideration the ease of use at first. Besides these projects, we are also making the production of “Green Energy Systems Projects” that has been patented by Pekcan.

We are acting according to the needs of our customers in all our projects. Most of the time, we are adding details and needs that even our customers are not aware of. While designing your swimming pools, steam baths, sauna sor spa units we are thinking on a long-term basis and solving the problems that may be faced in the future.

With such a visionary perspective, we present you the projects beyond your dreams.

Don’t you want to have a pool or sauna of your dreams? The only thing you have to do is to contact Pekcan Group for the design of pools ans saunas in the most economical way. You can consult for any issue and take endless support after the project is finished as well.


Pool Projects

Pekcan has started its operations by making pool designs at first. It has designed thousands of successful swimming pools projects and implementations for individuals, companies and for public for more than 25 years. Either the pool you are planning to have is an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, it is within the referances of Pekcan Group. We are also making projects for individualised gardens, resting facilities and public ornamental pools or paysage pools besides swimming pool projects. As Pekcan, we are working with our qualified engineering team and deliver the project in the most accurate way.

Pekcan Group utilizes from the local legislations and international standards while designing the pools you have selected.

Pekcan follows the latest trends and the technologies in order to make each pool project better than the previous and selects the equipments to be used accordingly.

Pekcan Group, in each of its projects, has increased its experience to an upper level. Pekcan is one of the leading companies of Turkey in terms of supply, marketing and sales of pool equipment and materials.

And it is the power behind the brand Poolline. In pool and surface coating systems, product sales are made to both the project customers and the pool owners all over Turkey.

There is no such company in Turkey than Pekcan with such an experience and competence in terms of both engineering, design and equipment supply. You can reach us from various communication channels to see thousands of referances we have and to get asnwers to your questions about the pool you dream of. 


We are saying again that pool, sauna and spa & wellness is our job. Pekcan improves itself in every project it takes to make you have your dream pools, saunas and spas.

We are emphasizing on functionality and ease-of-use in our pool, SPA and wellness projects. We are also supporting them with “green Energy Systems Projects” as well. One of our priorities is to create energy productivity.


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