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Relaxing Areas Relaxing Areas


The resting areas within the spa centers are called as relaxing areas. Whether it is a cold area, wet or hot area, the pleasure of a spa experience is finalised with relaxation. In a spa experience, sauna or steam room comfort is accompanied by these relaxation areas. There are many therapy methods after a sauna session. Some of them are: heated bed, water bed, salt room, massage, sand therapy, meditation rooms and colour therapy. These are the last steps for relaxing mentally and physically. For this reason, these places are designed in an amazing way for its users. Pekcan has become one of the leading companies of Turkey by the design, installation and maintenance of these relaxation areas as well.

Heated Bed

The blood circulation is accelerated by the help of heated beds and sitting benches in a spa experience. Also the immune system is strengthened and stress level minimised. These beds are prepared from different materials and can be supported by colour therapy, relaxing music, lighting and voice therapy as well.

The outer surface of the heated beds are covered with decorative ceramics, glass mosaics or natural stones that are resistant to heat. Under the laying surface of these beds, there are heating systems. You can also prefer heated beds for reducing pain and cramps in your muscles.

Water bed

Water beds are part of the spa centers where you can have both fun and relaxing experiences at the same time. By the help water beds, you can rest, relax and have your spine relax. Water beds are ideal for back muscles. They are preferred as a complementary cure for bad postures and reducing pain caused by stress. The user of a water bed seems as if swimming in a pool or sea. Water beds are crucial components of a spa experience.

Salt room

One of the units preferred in a spa center for health purposes is salt rooms. Salt room is also known as halotherapy. By the help of salt therapies in salt rooms, a relief is provided in the inspiratory system. By this way, oxygen intake is increased, quality of life is improved. Lungs are cleaned. This process helps cure most of inspiration problems such as asthma, faranjit and chronical bronchitis. Salt is also a good corrosive for renewing the skin. Salt rooms sessions last approx. half an hour.

Salt rooms are designed as one or two rooms. Pekcan has qualified staff for the design of salt therapy rooms. In these rooms, walls, ceiling and surface are covered with natural salt and a relaxing atmosphere is created. Also lights and music are also added to these rooms for supporting the salt room therapy.


Massage is a resting and relaxing therapy type that aims to increase the blood circulation and to get more blood to the tissues. This method has become very popular worldwide as well as in our country. Massage method is not only used for healing purposes but also for esthetic purposes. New massage techniques are added every day to the existing ones due to its popularity. The design of massage rooms can be made either as part of a spa center or seperately.

Sand Therapy

Sand therapy is one of the therapy methods used as one of the relaxation methods of spa concept. In these rooms, the purpose is to make the users feel as if they are on the beach. The main design focus of these sand therapy pools is this. The closer you get to the feeling of a seaside and on a hot sand on a sand therapy, the more successful the project has been. In the controlled environment of the sand therapy rooms, you are not exposed to the harmful effects of sunrays. Sand therapy rooms are ideal for those who do not enjoy winter days and who want to live a beach experience in winter.

Meditation Rooms

Meditation rooms are designed for providing peace of mind for the individuals. Every room has a special concept and its design is made accordingly. Lighting, music, voice become crucial in these rooms. Various odors enrich the meditation experience.

Colour therapy

The aim of colour therapy is to make the body work in a balanced and healthy way and to form a therapy type using the energy of colours. The users will be affected in a positive way psychologically by the help of colours that is also an energy type.

The design of all these therapy rooms need specialisation and creativity as you may have realised. Pekcan is one of the rare companies with such amount of referances with hundreds of successful projects all over Turkey. You can also reach us either from our communication channels or you can get consultancy services or get answers to all of your questions.


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