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Sales Of Pool Equipments Sales Of Pool Equipments


Pekcan Group has been in the swimming pool, ornamental pool, spa, sauna and Turkish hammam sector for more than a quarter century. Also it has been continuing to sell all sorts of pool, jacuzzi, spa, sauna and Turkish hammam equipments and materials by the help of sales channels it has established over time. Pekcan Group has been popular not only because of the services and projects it has offered but also because of the product and brand diversity. As Pekcan, we are always on quality side. The main features of our products are functionality and being economical. We are also proud of making the sales of pool equipments under our brand named Poolline. Poolline is a well-known and reliable pool equipment brand. We have also established our website for the sales of all Poolline and other brands’ pool equipments in reasonable prices. By the help of this website, we are reaching more and more customers every day. Also our company’s pool equipment sales in increasing gradually. In a quite short period of time, our website became well known. You can reach every kind of pool equipment from both our sales stores, our warehouses and from online website.

Information About Swimming Pool Equipment

If you own a swimming pool or a pool company and you want to manage a hygenic, clean pool in an economical way, you can achieve this by using the best pool equipments. The pool maintenance can be achieved in the best way as long as it is not managed by coincidences. If you contact us about your pools, you can easily see that Pekcan has the highest quality materials and pool equipments. Pekcan offers warranty for all its pool products as well.

As Pekcan, we bring together many products of many brands for you. Also we are the power behind the Poolline that is one of the best equipment brands of Turkey. Pekcan Group has become one of the most reliable companies of the sector thanks to Poolline. Having a brand such as Poolline has provided us a severe price advantage. We also had the advantage of giving guarantees for long years.

We are working with all our effort to keep stocks as Pekcan and Poolline. By this way, you can have access to all the pool materials and equipments in convenient prices.

You can visit our website in order to use your pools without facing any problems for many years and also for making online purchase, you can use website.

What are the most used pool equipments of pools?

Pool filters and pool pumps take the first place among the mostly preferred pool equipments in the pools. These are the most crucial materials in a pool because water passes through these two materials first. If one asks what is the most important equipment of a pool, the answer is definitely pool filter and pool pump. Therefore we give great importance to the diversity of pool filters and pool pumps in our product range.

Other equipments used in the pools are pool cleaning equipments, pool cleaning robots, pool chemicals, automatic dosage pumps, pool heaters. All brands related to these equipments exist in our catalogues.

You can have a closer look at Pekcan Group companies as our group companies give services not only about the supply of products and equipments but also on an individual and corporate basis. You can reach us from all communication channels and from,, and


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