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Service Maintenance and Installation Activities Service Maintenance and Installation Activities


Pekcan Engineering Ltd. Ltd. It was established in 1994 in the Aegean Region, first to build private villa pools and general purpose pools for tourist facilities. Today, Pekcan Engineering continues to provide service and maintenance support to thousands of projects and contracting projects that it has completed and delivered to its customers on a turnkey basis. Pekcan Group service and maintenance services also sell all kinds of materials, especially all kinds of pool chemicals. Pekcan Group aims to increase service quality with its personnel and vehicle investments in the Swimming Pool Electromechanical Service Department and Swimming Pool Periodic Maintenance Department for service and maintenance services.

Pekcan Group demonstrates its difference in the sector while performing all these service works. During the pool maintenance, Pekcan’s competent personnel carry out the visits in accordance with the pool maintenance package used by its customers, with the software program that is entirely a product of Pekcan Engineering. Thanks to this software, our experts and technical staff instantly deliver pool maintenance and service information to the customer while they are at the pool, using a digitally signed protocol and digital photography. Wherever the business, pool and homeowner are located, they instantly have detailed information about the maintenance of the pool and can follow the operations carried out.

Pekcan Engineering, one of the Pekcan Group companies; It provides pool service to the entire Aegean Region in the shortest possible time with its competent personnel who have a pool operator certificate. For many pool owners, it provides uninterrupted pool maintenance services with periodic maintenance programs.

Technical Service, After-Sales Support & Maintenance

Pekcan Group also offers after-sales support services to its customers for all products for which it undertakes pool mechanical, electrical and electronic services. This service includes mechanical, electrical and electronic services for swimming pools, saunas, spa groups and steam room units, and the on-site installation and commissioning of the products.

Pekcan Group Periodic Pool Maintenance Services

  • I’m With You Package Daily Pool Maintenance (3 days a week)
    Follow Package Weekly Pool Maintenance (1 day a week)
  • I’m Control Package Monthly Pool Maintenance (1 day per month)
  • Season Preparation
  • Winter Maintenance (Wintering)

Pekcan Group is one of the rare businesses in its sector that can meet all the maintenance needs of pool, sauna and spa businesses in all seasons, in terms of personnel, equipment and materials, with its expert and technical staff who are experienced and have been working together for many years.


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