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Equipments needed, for preparing your pool to the season and providing a completely hygenic and clean environment in your pool, must be obtained at the right time. If you want to have a completely hygenic and safe pool, you must have your pool care regularly. Pekcan Group is on your side in all your pool maintenance and pool care demands.

There are some points to be considered in a pool care. Let’s consider them respectively:

Before filling the swimming pool, you have to clean the surface and walls of the pool. Also at this stage, the necessary pool chemicals must be used. After the filling process is completed, you have to check values of the pool water. For an effective disinfection system, pool chemicals must be used appropriately and in the right dosages. Periodic cares of swimming pools must be made regularly as well.

The filter status of the pools and the appropriate functioning of them must always be controlled. In this stage, the cleaning of filters and other equipments must also be made. In addition to this, control of electrical installation must be made and seen if there is an electrical leakage or not. In the next stage, all the water circulation equipments and chemicals must be checked from their joints.

As pools are places where many people are in touch with each other, the hygene and cleaning of these places are of vital importance. Pekcan Group never risks human health and provides all the conditions stated in the circular of health. Also Pekcan Havuz gives you professional support in pool installation, pool care and all sorts of pool services. You can reach us for all your questions about pool service, pool maintenance and pool installation.

As Pekcan Group, we are always on your side to provide you technical support about all your problems related to your pools. When you have a service request from our company, Pekcan expert staff will reach you as soon as possible.

Is your pool closed throughout the year and is not ready for the summer season?

You can also contact Pekcan Havuz for getting your pool cleaned.

If your pool stayed closed throughout the year, the emptying and the repair of the drain lines must be made. Also you just make the repair, maintenance and repair of all the equipments within the pool such as tiles, ceramics, glass mosaics, acid washing, pool sand filters, pool disinfection systems. As Pekcan Group, we carry out all the pool operations in line with your approval.

If you want to close your pool as of summer season, Pekcan will manage this process as well. If you want advice about pool chemicals, we will get sample from your pool water and after analysing it, we will recommend you the appropriate chemicals.

Pool Care

The best way to have a clean and hygenic pool is to get consultancy from a reliable pool company. Pekcan Group is always on your side with its professional maintenance and service team and disinfection service. We are solving all your pool problems by visiting you in your place, making the necessary repairs and maintenances. Furthermore, with our Pekcan Havuz Maintenance Packages we are providing you significant advantages in economical terms.

As Pekcan Havuz, we have determined many convenient pool maintenance packages for you. For ex., by the Daily Pool Maintenance Package pool maintenance is made three times a week. Another package is: weekly Pool Maintenance I am Following Package. With this package, we are making pool maintenance once a week. Also we give winter maintenance service for preparing your pool for the summer season. It is a good choice to close the pools in tough weather conditions because by this way, you protect your pool from bacteria and algae formation.

You can call us from 0232 238 43 33 for your pool installation, pool service and pool maintenance demands or visit our website through e-mail. All your questions will be answered within 24 hours.


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