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Spa Design And Maintenance Spa Design And Maintenance

Spa Design And Maintenance

SPA, meaning “health from water” in Latin is a very much preferred relaxing type. We can define spa as healing by the miracle of water in therapy, health, fitness, beauty and recovery fields. SPA’s history dates back to Roman Empire. They have called spa as a recovery method for their tired bodies after a war.

If you want to have a general use or private spa in your houses, companies or hotels, İf you contact Pekcan Group, you can take our opinion and get our Professional engineering design services.

While designing, implementing spas in your houses and companies, Pekcan listens to your wishes and creates a design draft that reflects your dreams best. Afterwards, it presents this design to you converting it into an engineering project.

Spa and sauna designs for private villas and houses have become trendy all over the World in recent years. In villa type houses, sauna use has become widespread as not very large areas are needed for the installation of a sauna. You can turn your dreams come true by having a sauna that has been the best relaxing methods since the ancient times. You dream, Pekcan turns it to reality.

Pekcan Group has converted the designs to reality by analysing the customer needs. It presents the ideas that have started with only a paper to the last approval of the customer by engineering skills and computer technology. It builds long lasting relaxing areas such as Spa wellness, sauna and Turkish hammams. There is always Pekcan guarantee behind all the services given. Besides the engineering, design, installation stages of this process, Pekcan gives support in terms of maintenance for all its products. You will experience a truly professional service in Pekcan. You can contact Pekcan for all your spa, sauna and Turkish hammam designs and consult us for all your questions in mind. As Pekcan Family, we are a phone distance to you.

An advantage of serving customers in spa, sauna design and maintenance for many years is having a staff working together for many years. This is advantageous in two aspects for customers: firstly having the chance to work with qualified staff and secondly the trust that the most cost effective solution will be found for you.

You want to have a sauna for ypur house and want to learn the cost of such an investment. Let’s have an approxiamate answer to this question:

How much is the cost of a house sauna and spa?

You can have a sauna or spa in your houses to make your life enjoyable and much helathier. Cost of having such a sauna, of course, depends on the type, dimension and the special demands for these relaxing areas. We tried to compile the approximate cost of a special sauna installation. There are many alternatives you have for your houses or ptivate villas. If we take it average, the cost of a house type sauna will be approx. between 2.500 and 10.000 euros. The installation design and building cost of an indoor or outdoor sauna that will be made by the company will be approx. 3.000 and 14.500 euros. If you want an haute couture type house sauna that will be unique for you, the cost of such a sauna will be between 4.500 and 35.000 euros. The infrared saunas’ cost will be between 2.500 and 8.500 euros. You can get more detailed information from our website

As Pekcan, we operate in İzmir. But we made and are still making pool, sauna, spa & wellness projects all over Turkey. As Pekcan Group, we have made our customers dreams come true for many years. When you read “moren than a quarter century, thousands of projects” types of wording we use when defining Pekcan brand, this may mean only numbers for you but they are also unique experiences gained through thousands of projects and good referances of thousands of customers as well. The secret behind our success is: “We made our customers’ dreams our dreams”. And we have not left them alone after the delivery of their projects. We got the reward of this service by being made the sector leader by our customers. If you want to have a a private sauna in your touristic facility, house or villa but hesitate about it, you can get a free-of-charge support from our Pekcan team.


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