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Spa & Wellness Construction Spa & Wellness Construction

Spa & Wellness Construction

Spa, which means Health from Water, is a common term used today for areas of resistance, health and beauty. Nowadays, spas are not only in hotels or resorts; It is also widely used in luxurious and comfortable homes.

If you want to design and project the Spa areas in your businesses or homes as you dream, you can get support from Pekcan Group. Pekcan Group’s areas of expertise include designing, projecting it, then fulfilling its commitment and actively delivering it to you.

Let us do the design and application, all you have to do is relax your soul and body and enjoy the calmness of life.

The concept of spa includes the concepts of hot spaces, cold spaces, wet spaces and relaxation spaces. The most important of warm space designs are saunas. Pekcan is a brand that stands out with its sauna projects as well as pool projects.

How Much Does a Home Sauna Cost to Build?

Saunas, which have many advantages, are not only used in businesses, hotels and health centers; Nowadays, it has become preferred in luxury homes. Since there are different options, the construction of a home sauna costs approximately 2,500 to 10,000 Euros. However; The approximate cost of installation and construction of a prefabricated outdoor sauna or indoor sauna is between 3000 and 14,500 Euros. The price of building a personalized sauna room with exactly the desired features varies between 4,500 and 35,000 euros. These prices will of course vary depending on the features of the sauna to be installed and the time spent. Pekcan Group, which offers professional services in and around Izmir, also serves those who want to have a sauna built throughout Turkey, including the construction of saunas for your home and business. You can get our predictions free of charge by contacting our Pekcan experts. For example; design and construction of an indoor sauna room; It costs around 2,300 to 11,500 euros including installation.

What Should Be Considered for Sauna Construction?

You can choose Pekcan and contact us to have the best quality sauna built for your homes or businesses and to provide this service. If you are dreaming of building a sauna, first of all, when you examine the reference projects of a company known as making saunas, you should pay attention to how much of the references constitute sauna construction works.

Another point if you want to have a sauna built is to determine which size sauna is suitable for you. There are many different types of saunas. The most preferred ones are traditional and infrared saunas. Much higher temperatures are achieved in a traditional sauna than in steam. Traditional saunas are open sauna or closed sauna. The average temperature of this species is between approximately 85 C and 90 C. These types of saunas first distribute heat into the air to warm the body. Infrared saunas are; These are saunas with lower temperatures. If you choose heat that directly affects the body, the best choice for you is the infrared sauna type. In these saunas designed for indoor use, the temperature can be controlled, but the humidity cannot. Additionally, no preheating time is required in infrared saunas. The most appropriate time would be to use this type of sauna for approximately 10-15 minutes.

The wooden saunas you will frequently encounter are built with high quality options such as pine, spruce or cedar. In this type of saunas; Your sauna will retain its appearance as on the first day and its maintenance will be much easier. A wooden door is preferred to capture a color suitable for the accents in your environment, or a glass door to obtain more light.

You can fully use your sauna with traditional sauna accessories. Sauna ladles and sauna buckets are used in saunas.

In addition to indoor sauna models, there are also more traditional saunas designed for the outdoor environment. Many models here are designed for outdoor entertaining.

There are hot and cold space concepts within the concept of spa. Options such as a snow room, ice cave and snow fountain are offered within the spa facility to refresh and cool the body that relaxes as a result of the heat in the sauna.

Wet areas are most preferred in spa places. There are also a variety of venues and activities in this area. Examples of these places: jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor pools, thermal and thalasso therapy pools, wellness, shock and adventure shower pools.

Warm spaces: These spaces are mostly used for relaxation and health purposes. It consists of sections such as Classic Finnish Sauna, Bio Sauna, Russian Sauna, Kelo Sauna, Classic Finnish Bath (steam bath), Aroma Steam Bath, Roman Bath (Locanium, Tepidarium, Caldarium) and Turkish Bath. Heated beds, solariums and massage rooms can also be located in these sections.

If you have decided to have one or more of these Spa spaces built in your homes or businesses, call us and let us build your dream Spa together with the help of Pekcan experts’ extensive creativity and experience.