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Wet Areas Design Installation And Maintenance Wet Areas Design Installation And Maintenance

Wet Areas Design Installation And Maintenance

The meaning of “Spa”, that has pointed at the natural hotsprings at Ancient Greek and Roman times, has widened to all the healing factors of mental and physical health. There are many places called “private pool”, “health and beauty centers” “Spa and Wellness” although they are not natural hotsprings any more. Some may say that the increase in the number of such places is due to the rise in population. But both in the world and in our country as well, the number of these places per person is increasing over the years. The main reason of this rise is living fast especially in the cities. Increasing level of stress due to the intense rush in the big cities, people have been trying to find solutions to achieve a calmer state of mind.

These “slowing down areas” are seen as solution to this problem. Within these places, the designs are made for calming down people, purifying their soul and we realised that we can manage our stress more easily by the help of these places. These type of places were seen as luxury places before. But they became a necessity rather than a luxury due to their healing effect from chronical pains and from many other health problems.

Nowadays, these areas may be placed within houses or villas as well as placed in a facility open to public. As we all prefer all these “slowing down” areas for joy, calming down resting, flourishing and protecting our health through the use of “water” we define all these sorts of places as “wet areas”.

Especially these wet areas that are established in indoor places are therapy opportunities for those who enjoy swimming and entering the pools. Indoor pool system and outdoor pool system, shock shower bucket, pool with jacuzzis, wellness pool, thermal pool and thalasso therapy pool, adventure pool, condition pool, activity and fun pools are also included under the wet area category. Also concepts such as olympic pool and semi-olympic pool, floating pool, vichy pool, foot bath, kenipp pool and shock pools are also considered as wet areas.

Pekcan has been giving services in the fields of engineering, design, implementation and maintenance of all these types of wet areas in order to make your dreams come true for more than a quarter century.

These type of projects are not only building projects, each area must be designed uniqely. You may be the one to build such an area to your own facility or to your house. The design, installation and maintenance of such places must be delivered to reliable companies. In the Aegean Region, this company is Pekcan.

As Pekcan Group, we operate in the Aegean Region in general as well as in İzmir specifically. Pekcan Group has made thousands of turnkey projects within the last 28 years.

Pekcan gives services mainly in the swimming pool sector but also in ornamental pool and paysage pools, saunas, spa & wellness facilities and Turkish hammam projects. Pekcan pays attention to all the details from the idea stage to the turnkey stage of the project.

Pekcan, bu mekânların tasarım, yapım süreçlerinin sonrasında da bu mekânların kesintisiz ve kaliteli bakım hizmetlerini sağlayabilmektedir.

Pekcan can always present you more than you dream with its creative and expert staff and also it can provide qualified maintenance service for these projects as well.

Pekcan is a group of companies that provides the necessary materials for these wet areas as well.

Pekcan has been making the sales of all swimming pool, ornamental pool, sauna, spa equipments and materials under its trademark Poolline. You can visit our website for having a look at the products under Poolline.

Also you can buy other brands’ pool, ornamental pool, sauna, spa and garden equipments from online website.

Under Poolside brand, we have surface covering systems for all wet areas. If you are looking for surface coating solutions for your wet areas,you can reach our product catalogue from

As seen, you are in the right address if you want to have a swimming pool or ornamental pool in your backyard or private saunas or spa & wellness areas in your touristic facility or just buy equipments for your places because the address of a compelete solution for wet areas is Pekcan Group and you will reach our team whıo is ready to answer your questions.


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