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Wholesale And Retail Sales Activities Wholesale And Retail Sales Activities


Pekcan Group Engineering always uses its own labeled products for its projects. This advantage provides both selling high quality products and giving lifelong guarantee as well. Pekcan Group has gained this advantage by significant storage areas of its own and also by its local and foreign solution partners. Today Pekcan is a huge supply center of Turkey for both pool, sauna, spa customers and also for individuals seeking equipment and pool chemicals.

Pekcan Group has activated Pekcan Market to reach the final consumers. Two pool markets operate within Pekcan Market. İzmir Havuz Market has started operations in Narlıdere in 2014 and Çeşme Havuz Market has started operations in Alaçatı in 2015. All types of pool, ornament pool, pond, sauna, spa and garden accessories are sold in these markets. Also, in these pool markets, there are 2 water test units. If requested, the pool water is analysed and consultancy services given about the chemicals to be used.

In the Narlıdere İzmir Havuz Market and Çeşme/Alaçatı Havuz Market the customers can reach the below mentioned product range and the subproducts under these titles

Pool chemicals, pool materials, pool equipments, pool coating materials, terrace coating systems, pool security systems, construction chemicals, isolation materials, garden and paysage equipments, ornament pool and paysage equipments, ornament pool and natural pool equipments, pond equipments, spa equipments, spa & wellness equipments, sauna equipments, jacuzzi equipments, hammam equipments, PVC fitting and valves.

Besides these, the pool users can make their pool water analysed whenever needed.


Pekcan Group delivers all the products mainly its own trademarks Poolline and Poolside and also the imported products to its customers from its e-trade platform is an important sales channel of Pekcan Group that is established to reach all over Turkey.


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