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Our Personal Data Protection Policy Our Personal Data Protection Policy


A general information about PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA LAW No.6698

The aim of this information is  to inform you about the protection of your personal data that is processed by Pekcan Havuz Arıtma Ekip. İnş.Tur. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti and the web site called that is managed by Pekcan Havuz and Pekcan Mühendislik İnş.Tur. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti. being the data controller.

Law no. 6698 Protection of Personal Data has been accepted on March 24,2016. It has been published in teh Official Newspaper on April 7,2016. A part of this law is put into practice at the same date the rest on October 7, 2016.

Notification Due to Being A Data Controller

We want to notify that we operate in line with the 10th article – The responsibility of the Data Controller-of the related law for the collection, storage and usage of your personal data.

The processing of the collected data:

Your personal data that is processed by Pekcan Havuz Arıtma Ekip. İnş.Tur. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti and the web site called that is managed by Pekcan Havuz and Pekcan Mühendislik İnş.Tur. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti.  being the data controller will partially or totally, manually or automatically or because of being a part of a data recording system being obtained manually, can be processed by us by being recorded, stored, changed or  redesigned. In the context of the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Law,  every transaction that is made on the data is considered as “processing of personal data”.

Purposes of Processing of Personal Data:

In line with the purposes stated in this notification, your personal data will be processed in line with the mentioned purposes in accordance with the related Law no.6698.

The personal data you share with Pekcan,

in order to improve our service and product quality, to perform our duties and services in accordance with our contracts and the related technologies;

in order to establish and manage a data security management and a data technology basis;

in order for the management of service processes;

for the contracts, accounting and invoice procedures and for operational activities;

for sustainable operations;

for operations outside Pekcan and for Pekcan’s business strategies;

for managing the relations with Pekcan’s business partners and other related parties;

for managing the after-sales processes;

for conducting the payment processes

for makşng the necessary marketing campaigns;

for providing the accuracy and actuality of the existing data.

In accordance with the Law No.6563 Adjustment of Electronic Trade, Law no.6502 Protection of Consumer, Regulation no.29457 dated 26.08.2015 published in the Official Paper about the Service Providers and intermediary Service Providers, Regulation no. 29188 dated 27.11.2014 publised in the Official Paper called Remote Contracts Regulation, for recording the necessary data such as identity and address;

for issuing all the compulsory documents according to Banking and Electronic Payment procedures, for fulfilling all the obligations about storing, reporting data in accordance with the legislation;

for informing attorneys, courts in cases of demand and legal disputes.

Notification About the Third Parties Your PersonalData may be Transferred:

In line with the purposes mentioned above, your personal data that you have shared with our company mab be shared with TSoft Yazılım San. Ve Tic.A.Ş. that gives e-trade services to Pekcan, suppliers, Cargo companies and other related individuals/companies, companies we get services for carrying our operations and/or processing data, companies that we collaborate, domestic/foreign companies and third parties.

This data will be processed in accordance with Law No. 6698.

The Form of Personal Data Collection:

Your personal data is collected by Pekcan through its personnel by your statements or from physical or electronic platforms by your statements.

Through forms in Pekcan web site and mobile applications, (name, surname, TC ID no, address, phone, business or private mail address) , your preferences in the pages you have made entry by auser name and password, IP records of your transactions, location data;

Through our sales/marketing Department personnel, branches, suppliers and other sales channels, paper forms, cards, digital marketing and call centers, from oral, written or electronic platforms;

From invidiuals sharing their personaldata with us for establishing a commercial relation , for applying for a job (CV), for making an offer, on a physical or electronic platform, face-to-face, oraly or written;

From web sites, blogs, competitions, surveys, games, campaigns or other same purpose micro web sites or from social media, e-bulletin clicking movemnets, data that publicly open databases offer, from social medai platforms that are open to sharing.

During these processes of  Pekcan collecting, Hiding, storing and peocessing these data, it is essential that if you have specific demand, it should be stated to us in written.

Personal Data that has been obtained before the Law has gone in effect:

Your personal data, that has been obtained before the PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA LAW No.6698 is gone in effect on April 07,2016, is also processed and stored in accordance with the conditions stated in this document.

Permission for Transferring your your personal data to third parties:

Your personal data may be shared with Pekcan’s domestic/foreign direct or indirect business partners, with authorised legal public entities, private individuals or with legal authorities. Your personal data can be transferred tocountries or service intermediaries that are accredited by Personal Data Protection Board on condition that they are in context of Protection of Personal Data Law and that they are in accordance with the Contract.

Storing and Protecting Personal Data:

Your personal data will be kept confidential in the database of Pekcan according to the 12 th Article of Protection of Personal Data Law and in no case will be shared with third parties except for legal obligations and regulations stated in this document. Our company is obliged to prevent the illegal processing of the systems and databases that contain your personal data, to prevent the access of unauthorised individuals to this data, to get the necesssary physical precautions  in accordance with the12 th article of the Protection of Personal Data Law. In case of being informed that unauthorised individuals have got access to this personal data illegally, the Personal Data Protection Board will be notified immediately.

Keeping Personal Data up-to-date and accurate:

According to the 4th article of Protection of Personal Data Law, Pekcan is obliged to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date. In this context, in order for Pekcan to fulfill its obligations, it is necessary for our customers to share their accurate and up-to-date data or to update this data in websites/mobile applications.

The Rights of the Data Owner according to the Protection of Personal Data Law no.6698:

According to the 11th article of the Protection of Personal Data Law no.6698 dated October 7,2016 that has gone in effect, the rights of the data owner after this date on are as follows:

  1. To  get information about if personal data is processed or not
  2. If processed, getting information about this process
  3. To be informed about the purposes of processing of the data and see if this data is being used in accordance with the purposes  of the process
  4. Getting information about the third parties domestic  or abroad that your personal data has been transferred
  5. Demanding a correction in case your personal data has been recorded imperfect or wrong
  6. According to the 7th article of the Protection of Personal Data Law, demanding your personal data to be deleted
  7. In case your personal data is corrected, erased or deleted demanding third parties tobe informed from these transactions
  8. After analysing the data that is recorded, rejecting a result that is against him/her
  9. If there is  a loss due to the personal data being processed illegally, demanding the recovery of this loss


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